Savvy From The Beginning

Welcome to Savvy Blogging, the premiere blog of my agency Savvy Branding Consulting Agency! My name is Shaneece and I am the CEO of Savvy Branding and my mission is to help Entrepreneurs bring their God-given vision to life. I assist Entrepreneurs by using web design, creative online strategies, and my social media expertise to help them grow their online presence through branding. Throughout my years of assisting new businesses, and even seasoned business owners, I’ve always had a dream to create a blog to connect with Entrepreneurs in a meaningful way. Savvy Blogging will be the platform where I connect authentically with Entrepreneurs, like myself, who are in need of inspiration, practical skills, and knowledge for growing their business. Whether it is through tips, tutorials, or resources Savvy Blogging is a platform where any Entrepreneur can hit the ground running and be fully equipped to build their business online.

...I’ve always had a dream to create a glog to connect to Entrepreneurs in a meaningful way.


By trade I am an Information Technology professional with a Master’s Degree in Information Management and a Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems. I have been in the IT industry for more than 8 years. By day I am gathering system requirements, working with content management systems, and supporting projects and at night and any break in between I am helping to inspire, encourage, and teach Entrepreneurs how to get their business off the ground by getting online. My IT background doesn’t sound too “Entrepreneurial-ish” huh? Well, since I was a teenager I’ve loved to help people organize their thoughts and ideas to create something of value. I remember as a little girl I used to love writing To-Do Lists and my love for mapping tasks out and getting things done has followed me until this day. From working with non-profits, ministries, entertainment companies, and solo-preneurs, I’ve always put my passion to use to help others’ businesses thrive online.



At first glance it may seem like my business was inspired by the definition of Savvy, “practical knowledge; the ability to make good judgments,” but that’s not the case. My business was inspired solely by my youngest niece Savannah, who my family lovingly refers to as Savvy (or Savvypooh as I like to call her lol). My youngest niece is my triplet, I would say twin, but her mother Shateece is my literal twin (see them both below). At only 4 years old my niece has unique a passion for life and loves to have a great time no matter what is going on around her. She reminds me so much of my sister and I when we were younger but more outspoken and free. Savannah is determined, tenacious, outspoken, super girly yet tough and strong at the same time. Using her nickname for my business was a no brainer; I want my platform to emulate her characteristics. It only serves as a bonus that the name Savvy has great definition as well.

ShateeceSavvy_Savvy Branding.jpg

Shateece & Savannah

The Ultimate Mommy & Daughter Duo



Through Savvy Blogging, I will bring you original content and ideas to implement in your business immediately. This information will help grow your social media platforms, help you design and maintain your website, and provide branding tips to help you have a well-rounded, informative, and customer serving brand. On every post, you can guarantee easy to understand directions in a down to earth tone so that nothing will be lost in translation. My goal is to inspire Entrepreneurs to take action in order for them to be who God called them to be.


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